Louisiana Helicam's success initially stemmed from a concurrent passion for aircraft, digital photography, high-definition video, and audio recording.

Mark Townsend, Louisiana Helicam's founder and principal, served as a session guitarist and audio recording engineer in a West Monroe, Louisiana-based recording studio from September of 2000 until June of 2004. 

Beginning in early 2005, Mark served a five-year term as Systems Administrator for a Ruston, Louisiana-based industrial engineering firm that specializes in the following areas: Oil & Gas, Public Works, Specialty Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Refining, Biomass & Renewable Power, and Wood Products. This provided a strong start to help Louisiana Helicam become the premier commercial/industrial aerial photography and video service in the Gulf Coast area.

Mark eventually left the engineering firm to further pursue his passion for aerial media services. These services include (but are not limited to):


* Aerial photography
* Aerial video
* Construction progress documentation
* Construction time lapse recording
* Construction Building Information Modeling (BIM)
* Industrial photography and video
* Commercial photography and video
* Real estate photography and video
* Aerial roof inspection
* Thermal inspection

* Flare stack inspection
* Oil and gas and offshore project documentation
* Volumetric stockpile surveys
* Pulp and paper
* Biomass
* Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and plant count aerial surveys
* Aerial data collection (photogrammetry and lidar) for surveyors