Roof inspections are trending higher on the ever growing list for UAS services. Safety organizations such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and DOSH (Division of Occupational Safety and Health) have rather strict requirements with respect to roof climbing equipment. Several examples of these types of equipment include anchorages, harnesses, and lanyards. This equipment has greatly reduced fall statistics. However, these devices are expensive and a large roof inspection job could involve many man hours.
At Louisiana Helicam, I’ve had the opportunity to complete many roof inspections since 2005. This type of work was initially difficult with the use of non-GPS stabilized helicopters. However, modern-day UAS provide an opportunity to fly closer to the subject with greater accuracy and less transmitter stick time. I can typically shoot a very large inspection job within minutes.
Full frame/35mm SLR cameras or micro 4/3rds cameras are preferable since they’re able to record material with great resolution. This gives the pilot the ability to fly at a safer distance with enough resolution to zoom in on certain areas after the fact. SLR and micro 4/3rds cameras also use interchangeable lenses. This gives the user the option to use an optical zoom lense.
One recent roof inspection was for the owner of leased restaurant space. The tenant was responsible for keeping the new roof clean around the stove vents. Before discovering our services, an employee would use a ladder or scissor lift to check the roof’s condition on a recurring basis. This risk was soon eliminated and much time was saved since we were able to perform the job within 2-3 minutes.