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Tarpan Construction-Black Bayou Bridge Reconstruction Project

July 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
The project is located in southern Calcasieu Parish at the intersection of Louisiana Hwy 384 and Black Bayou, adjacent to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW). This project consists of performing various maintenance activities to the existing structure, as well as installing two steel sheet pile walls in the immediate vicinity of the existing concrete culvert structure in an effort to prevent saline water from traveling east of Louisiana Highway 384. In recent years, the Black Bayou Culvert Structure has been significantly undermined, resulting in a loss of structural support from the soil. As a result, the project will also include foundation strengthening, or underpinning, in an effort to increase the foundation support capacity. This construction effort will require the project site to be dewatered for an extended duration to allow for the underpinning and maintenance activities to be completed.
Tarpan Construction is the Prime Contractor on this project. Work began 6/1/2015. An excellent team of contractors was assembled to tackle the varying scopes of work on this project. Tarpan Construction is handling the management of the project to include Project Manager, Quality Control and Site Safety and Health Officer. Tarpan has crewed up and has 6-8 employees on the project self- performing tasks such as earthen coffer dams, dewatering, cleaning the culvert structures, placing rip rap, trucking, executing the traffic control and pollution control plan.
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