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Kiroli Park | Smiles Park | West Monroe, LA - 5/5/17

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The West Monroe Civitan Smiles Park (Smiles Park) project began with the vision of the WMCC to create a playground specifically for children with disabilities. After
collaborating with Shane’s Inspiration for the development of the playground the WMCC realized that Smiles Park shouldn’t be just for ”children with disabilities”, but
a playground for all children. Thus, Smiles Park has been designed as an inclusive playground that will be attractive and safe for all children to simply play together
without physical or social barriers.


In March 2013 the WMCC and the City of West Monroe entered into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement that began to make Smiles Park a reality. The WMCC agreed
to spearhead the playground project and made an initial contribution of $200,000.00 toward the playground construction. The City of West Monroe provided a location
within Kiroli Park and agreed to construct a fully accessible pavilion to accompany the playground. The City also agreed to accept ownership and maintenance of the
playground once construction is complete. Shane’s Inspiration, a non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment of inclusive playgrounds across the country
and overseas, has designed the playground and will coordinate outreach and education programs to help fulfill the park’s mission…bringing all children together to


Because the dream of Smiles Park began with the WMCC’s work at the Ark-La-Miss Fair, Shane’s Inspiration designed the playground around a carnival theme. With
your help Smiles Park will become a place where all children and their families can experience the laughter, fun and joy of a day at the Fair…
anytime they choose. 




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